Bad Journalism’s the New Diet Enemy

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Well that did it. I recently read a newspaper article that tried to claim that the new “diet enemy” is eating fruit. Phooey I say, phooey. I think reading these sorts of articles are the enemy of the innocent dieter and consumer NOT eating fruit or any one type of food.

The author did a dastardly attempt to splice comments from experts to make a weak argument. I’m one of the lucky ones though, because I have a degree in science and one in nutrition so I can find perspective and move on. Then put the paper where it belongs – in the recycling bin or in the kitty litter box to make a perfect liner. Unfortunately the innocent consumer trying to make sense out of all of this nonsense doesn’t have that luxury and is left scratching their head in wonder….If I shouldn’t be eating fruit, what on earth should I be eating?? Hmmmmmmm

Consumer studies show that of all of the factors influencing food choice, taste reigns supreme. And if Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster who clearly could benefit from losing a few pounds by eating his quota of fruit daily read that article he might fool himself and stay on the cookie diet. The writer irresponsibly wrote “the worst thing you could do is sit down to a big bowl of fruit for dinner because that’s just going to turn into sugar by the end of the day… may as well have had doughnuts”. DOUGHNUTS. Holy Mary Mother of God…. The last time I checked the nutritional content of a doughnut (and that’s an oxymoron) there was no fiber, minimal nutrients and certainly no antioxidants for starters. And as far as planning a diet is concerned, we would eat a variety of food at dinner and all meals, not just one food type…..But why argue with an imbecile.

The organization where I work conducted a unique study with consumers who took pictures and participated in activities around their food and eating for a few days. Among all of the new findings, we found the emergence of the “anti-nutritionist”. I do believe when I read rubbish like this, that is how one becomes an anti-nutritionist – irresponsible journalism that results in consumers throwing their hands up in surrender.

I have resorted to thinking that consumers should try to close off all media messaging and have 1 or 2 experts they garner advice from. Because truly folks, with headlines like this one we would be better off skipping to the horoscopes for more reliable information, don’t you think?? Mine was pretty bang on.

So folks, with advice like this don’t stop eating fruit, start a revolt and stop reading the newspaper.

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