What I Know For Sure – Loving Yourself

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Well this is it. My final post paying special tribute to Oprah “What I Know For Sure”. You can say that it’s my O-mmage!! Funny I wrote this piece on the weekend and somehow feel in line with her sign-off message on her final show that aired yesterday. Today we’re focusing on loving ourselves, hmmmmmm.

We women are sometimes a real piece of work – me included. When we get out of our own way and learn to be good to ourselves the sky’s the limit and we can soar.

I get really tired of the “door-mat syndrome”, though. You know the type, the gal who never says no, runs themselves ragged, puts everyone else first. Yes, the first prize winner of the martyrdom contest. I am not suggesting becoming a selfish little imp – nay nay I say. We women behold some unique and powerful inherent qualities with our ability to connect deeply with others, care, be flexible and open minded that make us special.

Driven by the rush of where society is going, some of us have lost our way running on the treadmill of life. Finding ways to love yourself can fill up your spirit making you a more effective human being by doing so. Binge eating is a mechanism to fill your soul’s void with food, leaving you still feeling empty when you’re done. That, my friend is not love, is it? It’s a dead end means of trying to find it and one that needs help. Professional help.

There are numerous ways to care for yourself that doesn’t need to involve food. From making quiet time, taking a peaceful walk, having time in the garden or nature of any kind, to dawning an outfit that makes you feel your best, to listening to your favourite music, to simply putting on lip stick or getting a good hair cut and colour, to reaching out your hand and seeking help when you need it. And the list can go on and on.

What I know for sure about loving yourself is we need to take a time out now and then to take stock. Do you have a dull feeling of uncertainty in your gut because what you’re doing in life doesn’t match with your heart is telling you?? Yes that inner force and light Oprah talked about. Perhaps you’ve been marching to everybody else’s beat, except your very own drummer. When what you’re doing is set in the right principle you are surely on the right path. And working in ways to be good to yourself will set anything that’s wrong, right, no matter what.

We all have the power to do better, to know better, to sprinkle good in our own circles of influence to make our world a better place, to serve a higher purpose. Just like Glinda the Good Witch, yes somehow we’ve always known. It was nice to be reminded by our friend and sister Oprah, but we can do this on our own. Validate yourself then take flight.

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