One of Those Days

May 19th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Ever had one of those days in one of those weeks?? You know the type. Some of the balls you’ve been juggling in the air are about to fall on your head. The thought of long weekend golfing has been washed away thanks to more of Mother Nature’s rain. The competing priorities on your to-do list have been superseded by yet another set of priorities as the list grows. And on it goes….. on and on. What gives??

During those times when a dark cloud seems to be hovering endlessly over your head I like to look to little things. You know, life’s little simple pleasures. In amongst all of the mayhem I saw 3 spunky yellow birds while taking my early morning walk. I saw a rabbit. Rev Run’s message today was called “Begin” and read: Good morning. It really doesn’t matter the size of your next step.. What matters is the direction. (Ralph Marston) God is Love, Rev Run

Despite going head to head on some matters, there were some angels with kind words out of the blue. A few dinner offers were confirmed. A new opportunity. A spouse’s gentle support. For dinner last night I defrosted some of my Mom’s sauce and made a salad because I could use some of Mom’s lovin’ to help me through today. Yes it’s the little things. Pop an extra vitamin C and D, blow some dust off a bottle of wine and find something to celebrate. Surely it’s happy hour somewhere??!!

Ya days like this come and go. Clouds eventually clear and at times have a silver lining. Family and good friends are for keeps to brighten up the day and help lift the load. So over the long weekend make the best of it. Make time to walk, garden, read, write, sleep in, eat out, decompress, reconnect and most of all enjoy!! I know I will….

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