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These days there’s so much conflicting information on what to eat, it’s dizzying. It would appear that the more complicated and inconvenient a regimen is to follow the better it is for you. There are times I review these concepts and wonder where the science and Mother Nature went. If the regimen doesn’t allow you to follow it on Thanksgiving, throw it out the window!! If you’re anything like me, you’ll want your information straight forward, science-based and relatively easy to follow. The Nutrient Rich Food Index offers all of those features and more.

This index is based in science, evaluating various food so that consumers can incorporate these foods into their daily eating routine. The ratings aim is to guide you to get more nutrition from the calories you eat. In a nutshell, foods that score the highest have a lot of nutrients and are lower in calories. As my metabolism slows as I age, this nugget of information is golden. There is useful information about “what to include”, not a laundry list of “don’ts”, like you’re taking out an insurance policy.

For more information on this visit – you’ll get recommendations about food to include that Mother Nature intended.

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