U-Turn on Salt – Be Picky About Processed

April 26th, 2011 No Comments

I started this blog-series “U-Turn on Salt” on April 20, 2011 to equip us all to be more mindful to choose foods with less salt. Preparing your own food and being the gate-keeper to use less salt is one way to have less. Be aware that studies show that ~70% of our intake of dietary salt comes from eating processed foods. Processed food are the packaged goods we buy at the grocery store AND the food we eat when we dine out or order food in.

Companies are in the process of reformulating products to contain lower sodium. For packaged goods, as was outlined in the post on July 30, 2010 get in the habit of reading the Nutrition Facts Panel on the food label. Look and compare products and brands for lower sodium options. When you get in the habit of doing this it’s really not all that difficult spot check your usual brands occasionally.

Eating out may pose more of a challenge because this sector is not currently mandated to provide nutritional information of what’s in their food offerings making. This information may not be as readily available. Review one of my “Monkey Business” posts on lunching strategies on November 30, 2010. However, where the’s a will there’s a way!!

A number of restaurant chain establishments have these details available on their corporate web-sites. Like I often say, knowledge is power, don’t ya think?? Take a look at the overall nutritional content, including sodium per serving of your usual fare. You might just be surprised and overwhelmed by what you’re putting into your body. Find alternative choices that taste just as good, but are better for you. If it means changing the places you order food from, so be it. Loyalty shmoyalty.

As consumers, how we spend the money in our pocket book has more power than we might realize. One order at a time, one customer at a time, day by day, week by week, the small “pebbles of change” can and will turn into a rushing avalanche of healthier choices available when we the consumer have spoken with the choices we make. START TODAY.  The choices we all make drive the industry. Don’t ever doubt it.

Choose to turn the corner to “Better Eating Drive”, beep beep, beep beep – YA!!

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