Cracked UP – Wonders of Walnuts

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Yes, walnuts are all that they are cracked up to be and more. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and high on taste, not to mention the crunch. I LOVE a crunch now and then, don’t you? Not only are walnuts a food for the gods, but food for the brain. Acting like any good door-man they allow nutrients into brain cells while letting out wastes. Talk about getting the lead out. Ok I can use just a couple more…..

Some years back when the world went mad (again) and went on it’s ultra low-fat craze, I did the same to some degree. When I started to add up all of the saving I was doing I assessed that I came up short “in the fat department”. Fat phobia has never been in and it’s not a good thing. We all need healthy fats, just not too much of them because they pack a calorie punch in spades. You STILL need them nonetheless.

I thought about it and understand full well that old adage “you can’t just eat one” phenomenon can apply to walnuts and all nuts. So I decided to reintroduce salt-free nuts into salads and the like, walnuts included. I do take mini-packages of nuts with me when I travel as they help me out of a hunger bind as I have described in the “Business Travel Bupkiss” series on September 14, October 18 and November 3, 2010.

One of the gifts my parents bestowed on me for my 50th birthday back in March was a lovely dish of my Mom’s. A keepsake. It was put out after family dinners with walnuts seen in this photo, so I proudly do the same on my table. Hmmmm studies show that ending a high fat meal with walnuts improves artery function and plays an important part in the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet in promoting heart health. Well who knew?? With many partaking in family Easter celebrations you might want to put a bowl of walnuts on the table after the meal for pleasure and good measure.

It’s a perfect tradition to begin if you haven’t yet or carry on if you’ve been doing this for decades. Happy Easter!!

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