U-Turn on Salt – Pepper on the Paprika

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I thought I’d delve into different ways to flavour our food sans-a salt in a new blog series “U-Turn on Salt”. I don’t know about you but I have come to the realization that my love affair for “the white stuff” has got to cool down. Yes folks, getting used to having less salt takes a little getting used to but the health benefits abound by doing so. Taste is certainly king for many consumers, including moi so what I’m suggesting is a flavour change-up. What better way to do this than to cultivate a culinary change-up and fast.

Last year I wrote about the issues about consuming too much salt with some practical tips to decrease your use on July 28, 2010. I wrote about how to use the food label to help you get a handle on your intake on July 30, 2010. You and I are not alone on this because consuming too much salt is a global problem. In North America alone we’re eating about double of the upper limit of what’s recommended while most are way over this – not good. But our love affair for taste is strong, so it’s not about taking the bland, ho-hum route and sacrifice taste, but to shift things gradually so no one even notices.

If we try to decrease salt gradually in the foods we eat and prepare at home our taste buds actually adjust and get used to having less. That’s the magic of Mother Nature with this adjustment. You’ll notice the stark difference if you revert back and eat something salty and it won’t taste very good.

This week’s suggestion is to get you thinking about incorporating some Paprika in the foods you prepare. Paprika is used as a finely ground powder from dried red peppers. The taste ranges from sweet and mild to a speecy-spicy hot. Buy it in smaller quantities to start and get into the habit of “peppering” it on your roasted and bar-be-qued meat, fish and poultry, roasted potatoes, fried eggs and even in your salads. At the same time, use less salt and see how this flavour change-up works for you and your family.

If you’ve tried to cut back on your salt usage, drop a line so we can all learn from and be encouraged by each others experiences. Happy taste shifting!!

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