Don’t Take this SITTING DOWN

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What one position binds many of us throughout the day? While we drive, while we fly (on a plane that is), while we dine, while we work at a desk, while we watch television…not to mention while we answer Mother Nature’s call…… It’s sitting. Dr. James Levine is a researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He has done extensive research on how much people move. I read the New York Times Magazine on Health and Wellness on Sunday and felt the need to break into a set of jumping jacks after reading the article “What’s the most unhealthful thing you do every day?”

Usually I feel virtuous when I read many health articles, because I reflect and say “aha, yep, got a handle on that”. But boy oh boy, I am guilty as charged on this “sitting front” that’s for sure. Once I rise from sleep, my day is strung together by a series of “sit ins” linked by short walks except for my 1 hour walk each day. What gives?? Excessive sitting, he claims, is considered a lethal activity. Good grief…..

Alas, Dr. Levine feels; however, you can reap benefits from many minor movements. He suggested to just move, any movement will do. It all adds up and can make a difference. Whew, that’s a relief as I sit her nodding while doing a fist pump….

I remember reading an article decades ago when I was trying to solve my own personal weight dilemma. It was about a woman who, like me, didn’t want to go on a restrictive diet but wanted to simply burn more calories to lose weight. She embraced the fact that every muscle movement you make burns calories and some movements burn more than others. She started her very own “Movement Movement”. I wrote about starting a Movement Movement on April 14, 2010. Within a year she managed to lose a significant amount of weight. Oh for the love of tipping the energy balance scale….

This notion has stuck with me to today from finding 5 minutes to move here, 10 minutes to move there, putter around in-between, fidget or do the hokey-pokey. You name it there is power in movement. This day marks my 300th blog post. I wrote about starting a Movement on Moving in the Work Place in the “Monkey Business” series posted November 8, 2010. If you work in a desk job why can’t you unchain yourself occasionally to get your circulation moving?? You might feel more productive upon your return, don’t you think??

This weekend I made a “Dance Song” folder in my i-Tunes before reading that article. I feel I’m ready to crank up the tunes a few times a day to shake my booty in light of this sobering information. Who couldn’t use a little adrenaline rush a few times a day??

So, sitting like many other things in life can be hazardous to your health….rise up and start a movement!!

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