Chow Bella! The Mediterranean Diet Synergy

April 17th, 2011 No Comments

I’ve been thinking more about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet lately. I’ve been doing reading about saturated fats and they might not be as “bad” as we originally thought, hmmmmm. I have never believed that any one food can solve our dietary dilemmas despite how “super” it might be. Whether it’s blueberries, olive oil, pomegranate, acai, salmon, walnuts and more. I do believe in this age-old diet regimen. With the resurrection of Easter, I thought I’d resurrect the wisdom of the Mediterranean Diet.

The most profound fact about this regimen is not about any one part of it, but the synergy between all of the foods within the lifestyle context. When you take a 40 thousand foot view – it accounts for what you eat, how and when, how long and how much you eat and your relationship with food. How’s that for a diet in 3-D??!!

When I think about fab food I’ve eaten from this part of the world, I don’t only recall the food itself but the enriching context of the meals including the connections during the meals:

  • Spaghetti vongole in Venice, Italy
  • Beef Goulash and rye bread in Budapest, Hungary
  • Roasted duck, potatoes and red cabbage in Berlin, Germany
  • Freshly caught trout and potatoes in Tigur Mures, Romania
  • Seafood paella in Barcelona, Spain
  • Cheese fondu with meat and bread in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Sole menuere with rice in Paris, France
  • Gravlax with vegetables and rice in Copenhagen, Denmark

All meals were accompanied with local wine in great company over a prolonged period of time. Often ended with a sweet of some sort. Many meals were routinely consumed after 8 or 9pm, sometimes later. Talk about “breaking all of the conventional diet rules”!! Many of the days were spent walking to and fro seeing sights, meandering through markets then getting enough rest including an afternoon cat-nap siesta if needed.

There was no rushing of meals, no skipping of meals, no gobbling of meals, no drive-throughs with eating on the run of meals, no arguments or stress at meals and no “no-no” foods of any kind at meals. All foods fit. You would eat until you’ve had enough and move on with your day. You see, there are no tricks, no gimmicks, no catches, no special products or potions, no surgeries and no being “on” then “off” a diet. Some days you eat more. Some days you eat less. The whole eating experience fills you up. How profound is that??!!

I will write about aspects of the Mediterranean Diet in the weeks to come.

Until then Ciao & Chow Bella!!

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