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I wrote about the visit to my friend and fab cook Loretta’s posted April 7 and 11. She turned entertaining into a spectator sport. I got to sit there and watch and sip and sip and watch my memory and nibble on happy appy’s as well. This recipe was served as part of the main course. Presto, in a few short minutes this was ready to enjoy.

Entertaining doesn’t need to be onerous and turned into an olympic competition. That would only make me and many others not want to do it very often. The KISS principle applies here in spades.

pork tenderloin cut width-wise into medallions
powdered Rosemary, garlic powder, sea salt and pepper
olive oil and a dab of butter
white wine

Season each piece of pork with Rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper. Flour each piece by patting each side in a dish of flour. In a heated fry pan, add olive oil and butter allow to heat up over high heat. Add in all of the pieces of floured pork and allow each side to brown slightly (for about 1 minute each side). Add white wine to the pan and turn down the heat to low. Cover and simmer to finish cooking.


If you need to add more wine, go ahead. I don’t know all of a sudden, Loretta whipped out this bottle of wine
seemingly from nowhere, then poof she added a little more, like magic, it only took a few minutes to cook through. We sat down to eat in no time.

Well, truth be told I had some wine already, so it only felt like a few short minutes….

Loretta served this with roasted carrots (to be posted next week) and a nice green salad after the Stracciatella Soup (posted on April 11). As expected she kept telling me to “eat, eat, you need to have MORE, LET me serve you”!! Ahh how sweet, just like eating at my Grandma’s in the days gone by.

Are you planning to have company over soon? We’d love to know your plans…..

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