Spring Forward – Cultivating Relationships

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I have done my share of writing about the importance of connecting with friends and family over the year (April 7 and June 24, 2010). We had a catch-up dinner with my bella familia this past weekend.

Last evening was another one of those classic, connections with my good friend Joan. We have been friends for decades now and come hill or high water we get together regularly, just like family….through thick and thin….

I always find how my spirit is lifted after our get togethers. What is it about the bond of fab friends, family and special camaraderie that fills me up?? For some reason there is never a lull in the conversation…. surprise, surprise….

When Joan comes over our connections begin smack dab in my kitchen – belly up to the bar with Sirius Radio’s Spa channel resonating, the water wall and stories spilling while the wine is pouring. Our visits always begin with a cheese tray to whet our appetites and See Ya Later “Rover” red wine if it’s on hand. We “clink” our glasses to cheer one thing or another every hour or so – a birthday celebration (this time it’s Joan’s), an old friend’s opportunity, a family member update, a new baby, reminiscing about past trips together, our mutual love of rigatoni….I’m surprised the glasses aren’t chipped by now from all of the dang clinking!! Like a true blue friend, if you ask her what she thinks, she ALWAYS tells it like it is. Yes as Thelma is to Louise….or is it the other way around, I forget….

There is no guest easier to host than my friend Joan. We could follow the cheese tray with tea and toast and end with Nan’s famous biscotti and she’d be delighted. A kind Irish lassie she is, that’s for sure. I’m sure if I fussed and fumbled over the details of getting together through all of these years we’d barely connect as often as we have.

It’s spring folks and time to renew all things, especially bonds of friendships and family. Make a date with good friends and family if you haven’t lately. Assemble a simple cheese tray and turn on the serenity tunes. Our bodies might need all of the micro and macronutrients found in food for renewal, but it’s only with connections between loved ones that our spirit becomes fully nourished – to cultivating relationships!

Cheers to making the next dinner date…..see ya later…..probably sooner, I suspect!!

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