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Last week was World Water Day. This weekend was Earth Hour. This got me thinking of becoming an Earth Angel, hmmmmmmm. Truly, there are so many worthwhile and important causes to help save and preserve our Mother Earth. All we need is an open mind to adopt new practices to help pitch in. Every little bit helps.

Last year, for example, in my province the retail stores instituted a 5 cent charge per plastic bag. In no time, this shifted many consumers to get in the habit of bringing reusable bags when shopping. It didn’t take long to round up an array of canvas sacks that double as grocery bags. Now my truck is chocked full of them. Easy peasy on that.

For some years now my neighbourhood has supported a recycling scheme with different bins to separate the organic wet waste from bottles and papers from garbage. What started off as a seemingly pain in the butt has turned into a regular routine – no problemo. It has become so second nature I feel frustrated when I find myself in a place where these programs are NOT in place.

From our dietary practices we can be mindful of food miles and carbon foot prints, sustainability, packaging, organics, moving toward being flexitarian (eating less meat) or doing the full monty and becoming vegetarian.

Truly though, there are so many ways to green up and get your Earth Angel on. It doesn’t need to be on St. Patrick’s day either!! From small changes like deciding not to buy bottled water anymore to big changes like becoming vegetarian, every bit counts and makes a difference. I sometimes think of the mound of garbage saved by doing these easy things, and it motivates me to aim to do more. As each of us make small changes these will save mountains, deed by deed for dear Mother Earth.

What act of green has your Earth Angel done lately? We’d love to know.

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