HAIL Liquid Luxury – World Water Day

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Today is World Water Day. How appropriate it is to be mindful and take stock of this most valuable resource. A lot has been written about this liquid luxury. Having been brought up near a lake may in fact have you take it for granted, perhaps. However, we do not have an unlimited supply.

If you have had the privilege to travel to a place where water is already in limited supply makes you painfully aware of this sobering fact. The simple act of brushing your teeth with a small bottle of water instead of running the tap endlessly surely makes you think. Not to mention limiting it’s use in everyday living as well, then when you return home…..

Our bodies are predominantly made up of water. Yet when we meander down the bevy aisle of the grocery store there are numerous beverages of many colours and concoctions that we pour down our gullet for hydration and enjoyment purposes – from soda pop, to juice, to fruit drinks, to latte, coffee, tea, not to mention the water variations galore. It’s surely staggering.

It’s easy to forget that water, H2O, is required for optimal bodily functioning. A master regulator. Medium of key components and functions in our bodies. So benign yet so powerful. Do a rethink of your drink and raise a glass of the plain stuff in homage.

Hail to water, whether drunk boiled with lemon, straight up or on the rocks be mindful of this most valuable nonrenewable resource. Pay it the respect it deserves, today and everyday. Cheers!!

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