Activity Change-up – Swimming to the Past

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Well, my foot is slowly feeling better day by day. I needed to resign myself to the fact that I had to change things up. So I returned to my mat routine with arm weights, stretches, ab crunches and push ups (written April 28, 2010). I decided to do an exercise change-up to help burn off steam and keep my foot “on the mend”.

By the time I suited up and found my goggles I had this lap pool to myself. I can’t remember the last time I swam lengths. As usual, I followed my tortoise mantra “slow and steady” and got started. My favourite stroke is the easiest – the breast stroke. I get into the easy rhythm going from end to end of the pool.

As I stroked into a rhythm I found my mind wandering back in time, hmmmmm. In my teen years I occasionally swam laps in our pool at home. Back and forth I would go, doing the breast stroke, pulling myself suspended in water from end to end. I could go on forever, well until my fingers would shrivel. I never worried about my hair colour fading back them….. My mind would wander in a meditative hydophilic suspension. Somehow my Dad would find his way poolside with his newspaper in hand, seemingly not paying attention, but being fully aware. What a fond memory……

Poof, then the sun peaks through the clouds awakening me from the breast stroke of the past into that of the present. There are clear blue wave shadows moving rhythmically on the bottom of the pool. As my head bobs up and down I see billowy candy floss-like clouds hugging the hills beside the Lake in my current location. I hear intermittent sounds of seagulls and the engine hum of the single propeller plane landing on Lake Okanogan.

How nice it is to change your exercise routine, sore ankle or not. It feels invigorating to use different muscles and become one with the waves at my own slow pace pulling myself from side to side of the pool. I had no idea how much time was spent in suspended animation but just plodded along until I felt I had enough. The smell of chlorine brought back fond memories of family days gone by. Back then I began following the “just for today” mindset that still holds true for today (written about June 14, 2010). Some wise principles never get old……

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