Food Revolution – French Toasted Cheese Love-wiches

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Oui oui mon ami, this is one special recipe that’s one of my weeknight faves. I love it so much!!! This is perfect when you don’t have much time (what else is new) but still want the eating satisfaction. We discovered this recipe from the Milk Calendar circa 1987. Memories of being married for less than one year, oh my dear…..I had this on my 50th birthday eve to help ring in the next decade just right. It always aims to please.

8 slices of French-stick or whole wheat bread
1/3 cup butter, softened
1T dijon mustard
6 oz medium Cheddar cheese, thinly sliced
2 eggs
3/4 cups milk
1/4 cup butter

Combine the softened butter and mustard and lightly spread on both sides of the bread. Make sandwiches with the cheese slices and press the bread together firmly. Beat eggs and milk in a large dish and dip the sandwiches into the mixture. Heat butter in a large skillet and cook the sandwiches until well browned on both sides with the cheese oozing melting in the center. Serve hot.

Yes folks, this certainly is one love-sandwich that can be served up at lunch or dinner. Last week we served up some hot tomato soup on the side (I wrote about on January 20, 2011) and this went swimmingly with the bella-sand-a-wicha. Other times I make a side green salad posted on June 23, 2010. We made a few extras to have on the run the following days. As I always say, while you’re making a mess, it may as well be a good one. These were flipped with our new Darth Vader spatula. How better to find the force :-)

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