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A lot has been written about “home”. It’s been said that “home is where the heart is”. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz apply stated “there’s no place like home”. Even ET wanted to phone home as he pointed to his planet with his finger glowing. One thing I know for sure is that it’s all true in spades.

I recently returned home, flying solo on a long trek from Jakarta, Indonesia. As wonderful as it is to travel to exotic destinations, 4 plane rides later from the other side of the globe, there’s nothing like the feeling of having your plane land on home turf and nothing even better than walking into your own front door. Ahhh, what is it about all of this that gets those sentimental juices flowing?

First of all when you get in the thick of a new culture – you connect with kind, gentle people, experience new food, warm hospitality, different ways of life, hungry mosquitos, funny money, unique styles, gridlocked traffic even more bunged up than your own city, fewer rules. It’s all very wonderful and unique for a time. I found myself saying “we’re not in Kansas anymore” a couple of times……

But getting home is even more special after all of that – connecting with my bella familia, being greeted with a “welcome home” note on the pile of mail from Mother Dearest, dawning my flannel pyjamas and climbing into my cozy bed, using my own facilities, the sound of birds chirping when I fetched the newspaper, my espresso machine spewing and the kettle whistling using tap water of all things, plus the transition from breakfast buffets to morning porridge. Welcome home!!

I hit the ground running as I took on month end at work with gusto. I focused on staying in the moment to remind myself that the 12 hour time difference adjustment will be quick and painless if I try to ignore my energy fizzle while I pop a few extra vitamin C and D tablets. I enjoyed my apples and pears in place of the guava and mango, and my walking route with fresh air in my neighbourhood that has sidewalks and little traffic truly filled up my senses.

Ahhhh home, for me there’s no better place to be. Yes Dorothy “there IS no place like home”, that’s for sure!!

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