Fat Stats – Consider New Cultural Connections

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I read last week that the obesity statistics have gotten worse, if that’s even conceivably possible. This trend isn’t localized to one place, to one group, to one gender but the entire globe. This got me thinking not about whose to blame, but perhaps how we may consider approaching this elephant in our room differently.

I was treated out for dinner to a Mediterranean style restaurant last week. Last evening I was treated to a fabulous authentic Cambodian dinner. As my lovely dinner digested I got to think more about this complex problem, hmmmmm. There are so many cultural, culinary treasures available with so many fabulous food options. I think if we got back to cultural basics that’d be a great start to eating better. These days you can even treat yourself to many other foods from far off lands and add variety to your routine. Also, as we enjoy food from various cultures it would be super if we adopted the habit of moving more while we’re at it, like the old days as well to help burn off more.

So many more foods have been added to the grocery store offerings that we have driven off course, it would seem to the packaged goods mecca. Not to mention the fast food frenzy available. I say make a turn for the better!! Here are some ideas:

Oh the Tapiniaki possibilities of main dishes served with a plethora of veggies and rice.

Go in a hurry and try some currie.I never met one I didn’t love. Mmmm dahling, try the dahl as well.

Mmmm the grilled meats and veggies are divine along with the hummus and pita possibilities.

Madona me, try some pasta with arrabiatta sauce to bring your taste-buds to life and accompany it with a tomato salad starter (posted on June 22, 2010).

Ola – paella is to truly die for.

“Go Fish” with the possibilities of their seafood options.

Say ole to the various fajita offerings. So full of flavour.

Oh the freshness and taste of these offerings. You can turn the heat meter up if you’re longing for speecy-spicy.

Put some ump-pa-pa in your step with their roasted meat dishes, red cabbage and roasted potatoes.

Fee fi PHO fum – try some Pho soup and you’ll feel satisfied and light as a feather once you’re have.

Try some goulash with hearty crusty bread. It will surely satisfy.

Get back to your roots or somebody else’s and try something new. It’s so enriching in life to learn about other cultures and doing it through food is a great way to start. Trying various culinary delights is a way to add interest to your diet while still eating well. You’ll find that through “food wonderful food”, we can eat healthily plus we’re not all that different after all!!

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