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Every once in a while it’s a good idea to do an environmental scan of all of the places you eat and drink. This isn’t confined to the kitchen anymore as our lives have sped out of control and many of us eat and drink unconsciously any old time or place. Scan your kitchen, every place in your house where you store food, your purses, your den, your car, your work area. You name it, you check it.

Are you surprised at what you’ve found?? Is there still a dish of Christmas goodies hanging around? How about Halloween stuff?? Has your purse turned into a hibernation ground? Instead of acorns you have a multitude of goodies “for the kids”?? Who’s actually doing the eating though, you kidder you? How about the car? Is this your new kitchen on wheels where the main appliance in it is the power window to be used at the drive thru?? How about your desk drawer? Anything enticing in there? Do you need any of these places to be fumigated from the drips, dribbles and the crumbs from what might be lurking…..

It’s important to get our conscious selves to take stock of all of these places occasionally and make a few decisions about any changes needed, don’t you think??

Urge to Purge - Now ladies, get down and dirty and be ruthless with what you pitch. Go through every cupboard, storage area, fridge and freezer and decide what healthy stuff should stay and what demons need to go.

Got ‘em Need ‘em – Make a List - Write down a whole bunch of healthy stuff you need at home or work and every place in between. Stick to your list.

You’re Surrounded - Replace the junky stuff with the healthy alternatives. You’re not doing your kids any favours either by giving them junk regularly. Take that excuse out of the equation, pronto already.

Behaviour Boycott - Decide what bad behaviours need changing and work on them. If eating and drinking on the run is high on that list, that’s a good place to start. Replace the bad with the good and you’ll be well on your way.

New Leaf of Change - As I wrote December 28 on propelling to change all year, you can turn over a new leaf any old time. They don’t need to be on the trees. Out with the bad habits and in with the good.

You’ll be feeling as good as new by taking these steps and surrounding yourself with goodness.

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