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February 27th, 2011 No Comments

I found myself in travel mode yet again. As I kept myself preoccupied in the lounge in the Huston Airport a lady one sitting arrangement over felt the need to chat up with amigos on the teley for everyone to hear. Ya, you know this person – Barbara Bellows, babbling on and on about her multitude of travel, unable to keep her eating and weight in check – bla bla bla excuses excuses.

It got me thinking, hmmmmmmm. It sounded to me like Bella Barbie was taking herself off the hook of any responsibility. She was giving herself the proverbial green light to throw caution to the wind and eat and drink and be marry without many limits. Look it folks, from one grown up to another, when you adopt the “let it slide” sort of attitude you’re going to need to face the music of reality sooner or later. It’ll be a few pounds here and a few pounds there. Then it’ll be a larger size here and a larger size there. This will surely continue until you put your foot on the brake and take charge.

If regular business travel is part of your life, then being flexible with your routine’s ebbs and flows needs to be part of it too. If not it’ll spell disaster sooner or later from your weight and health’s perspective. It’s really that simple.

I had a fellow sitting behind me on one of my flights who was so large he wasn’t able to fit in the airplane toilet. Talk about getting a big a dose of embarrassment and humiliation as he did a 180 and returned to his seat – ug. I’m sure this fellow’s day is full of these circumstances that simply brings your spirits down in time.

What helps when you travel or in life in general is to stay awake and aware of what’s going on. While I sat in that lounge in Huston for 5 hours my stomach did it’s share of grumbling from time to time. When I took stock of what I ate comparing it to all of my sitting, I faced those tummy rumbles by putting a lid on it. BAM! I thought “How on earth can you be hungry with what you ate compared to all the sitting you’ve done all day??” Then that was that. I refocused, got busy and tuned that Barbara Bellows out. I couldn’t help feel a bit of pity for that fellow who sat behind me on the plane. And if you don’t take charge it won’t take that long for that to happen to you.

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