What’s the Story Morning Glory?

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How wondrous dawn is as the sky opens to purples, blues and pinks spotted with candy floss clouds. Anything seems possible as our spirits rise with the morning sun. The crisp, fresh air awakens as the sound of foraging birds hits the airwaves. Ahhhhh mornings.

That glint in the morning sky is appearing earlier day by day as we just passed mid February. As much as I LOVE my sleep, especially when I’m awake all hot for half the night, I still love what mornings represent – hope for a new day, new possibilities and the notion that anything is possible as we take on the day.

Over the last while I’ve been searching for a solution for something at work. Thinking and mulling, mulling and thinking. The cycle going round and round. Then like a flash of lightning I had a brainwave – BAM!! That idea swept over me in my mindset of what’s possible. And I thank my homage to mornings.

Our mind is a powerful tool. I love how Eckhart Tolle describes the concept of flow in A New Earth. I know I must sound like a broken record about this gem of a book; however, there’s so much wisdom to it. Check in on those voices in your head and try to silence them. It’s impossible to solve any problem in your mind’s eye when those voices go babbling on and on. Set your heart and mind to the “open” and positive position and the answers will come. Trust me!!

Ahh mornings. You might wake me out of a restful sleep to take on the day. But you offer a plethora of possibilities to what can be. Start it off with an Ahhhhhh rather than and Uggggg and you’ll see what I mean. So what’s the story morning glory?

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