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I undertook my regular dentist checkup the other day. On my way out, I met the receptionist to make my next appointment – oh joy. She gave me an uggish – “oh we’re almost through January, but really February is the hardest month”. Hey lady, I’m the one here with the bleeding gums, having just had my jousting match with the poking and prodding of a blunt object. What are you complaining about? Hmmmm I thought, maybe it’s time for yet another motivational moment.

Rise up people, yes we’ve almost made it through January. If you’ve got a job, good friends, something to celebrate, food in your fridge and you’re not heading off to war any time soon – you certainly do have something to say Hooo HAAA over. Hmmm, let’s see, those of you who are loyal T & T followers know I’ll be “celebrating” my 50th this year. Now, if I spent my life wishing away all my January’s I’d have wished away over 4 years of my life by now. Add in all of the Mondays and that’s an additional 2,600 days. Days where you had your performance appraisal, parent teacher meetings, MD appointments (colourfully explained June 25), job interviews and the like, then add in another 1,000 or so days – give or take a week. Add all that up and that’s almost 14 years being wished away……

Hmmm wished away, as I stare 50 straight in the eyes it feels like time has whisked away. Can we slow down the gallop? It feels like it is only speeding up. As I was running some errands today I heard a lady telling another about the possibility of having her surgery by spring. When I called the pharmacy to renew my thyroid medication the lady wanted to know if I needed it delivered. Delivered?? I decided to suit up and walk there to get it, like Annie Get Your Gun, except I’m Franny!!

Notable milestones, for me, seem to be serving as a wake up call of sorts and reaching this 50 thing has turned the alarm bells on LOUD. I don’t wish to be any younger – been there done that. I am just reminding myself to continue living fully, that’s all. There are some 80 somethings I know who seem to be having a wake a week for goodness sake. I don’t wish Januarys to pass, rainy days to pass, clouds to pass, my weekdays to pass, Mondays to pass…..Bring it all on with gusto. I just want to hang on to this very moment digging in with my fingernails and stilettos and cherish each and every one to the fullest.

Hmmm, I think it’s time for my annual re-read of A New Earth.

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