Give Your Move-on A Move-on

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I read two studies hot of the press about activity levels of adults and kids. They tell us what we already know; however, that neither adults nor kids are active enough. They serve as a perfect reminder, though, for us to give our move-on a move-on!! I have done a lot of writing about this topic over the past year. You dedicated T & T followers know this already.

But if as a parent you want your kids to get the lead out, I think we’ll agree that getting outside for some fresh air and doing the hokey-pokey can surely do the job. For many, this cold time of year is a perfect excuse to want to hibernate. For me, those excuses are pretty tiresome. The experts recommend we move our booty for 150 minute per week or 30 minutes per day. Kids should double that. You don’t even have to do this all at once, but can break it down into smaller time intervals.

I wrote about doing “stealth” exercise on January 18 when I “Pioneered it”. I’m sure no one noticed or realized that was my exercise regimen. Take this morning for instance. I arose early, then the dark side of my mind started to make excuses suggesting I put off my walk until later, hmmmmmm. I was flooded with thoughts of how I would fill my time on this frigid morn. Good thing my brain’s Sense & Sensibility stepped in, got me to get bundled and vamoose out of the house before I could muster another “but”…..

Oh the games we mere mortals play. Well the jokes on you when you fall for the excuse train of thought. While on my walk I heard two chickadees calling each other with their characteristic whistle. When I was young I remember my Dad would make that sound when he came in the door from work. When I hear that sound it warms my heart. Further along I heard cardinals. How lovely. Before I knew it I rounded home and was back at my work with my personal goal checked off of my proverbial list.

This time of year we can try to get the lead out by overeating, by drinking too much coffee or tea, barley-sandwiches or wine, by hunkering down to watch hours of mindless TV ad-nausium. What really helps is getting moving – it helps the body, mind and soul and really helps with that junk in the trunk :-)

Tell me how you get yourself moving. We’d like to know…..

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