Of Root Causes & Grey Zone….

January 25th, 2011 No Comments

I had some downtime to mull over issues more deeply lately. I read yet another article on obesity and governments’ role in all of this. It got me soul searching more than usual. Hmmmm. I heard about Bob Greene’s new book called The Life You Want. Essentially he talks about creating your own vision for your life and following that path. Definitely easier said than done Bobby boy, but I was impressed with the purity in his approach.

We’re bombarded with finger pointing and accusations about “Who’s Zoomin’ Who” causing obesity in our world. One day it’s sugar, another it’s fast food, the next is all the junk, then it’s the soda pop, it’s the system without enough sidewalks, some say it’s food in schools. Stop the madness – what gives??!! Where will the evil eye of the spotlight turn to next…… Yes, each of these have a part to play but not on their own…

Well folks, I think that our society is sick and we’re pacifying ourselves with food to help take the pain away. There are many facets of medicine in my view that are very black and white. If you have a blocked artery, you get it fixed. If you have a bad knee or hip you get a new one. If you have a tumour, you get it removed. But the area of psychology in the realm of emotions is not so cut and dry, black and white. It’s grey – many shades of it. We live in a society ridden by stress, with lack of time, dysfunctional families, kids having issues, with mixed up priorities and more.

One of the things that stuck with me is Bob Greene saying that as humans we do all we can to avoid pain. How true. It got me thinking about how we pacify ourselves with continual stimuli…..music in our ears, eating food that provides instant gratification and building up schedules so we don’t stop long enough to realize the pain we’re actually in. Ouch! All of these actions have psychological undertones that don’t get better by simply removing junk food from vending machines or by paving more sidewalks in our neighbourhoods. They get better by shining the spotlight on them to make us aware what on earth we are doing.

One thing I’ve realized in life, is that working in the “grey zone” on complex issues never is easy. It’s very difficult. However, trying to cover a huge gash with a miniature bandaid doesn’t help either. I think this 2011 we need to get real already. What we’ve been doing hasn’t helped much, so let’s change our approach. Let’s get all jiggy with our emotions and maybe then, we’ll begin to make a difference on this epidemic. After all, it can’t hurt….

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