The Motivation Mambo

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Motivation is a funny thing. It can be likened to the stock market. Sometimes it soars, sometimes it plummets and sometimes it’s slow and steady as she goes just plodding along.

Motivation works in many aspects of our lives, not just with eating and exercise. We seek it to be the best we can be at work. We look for it in our relationships. We need it when we’re faced with life’s challenges. Motivation…

A friend of mine sent me the photo in this post of apples with the subliminal stickers on them – take a closer look. It got me thinking about motivation and how we can intrinsically attune ourselves to eat better and exercise. Funny, since receiving this photo I’ve had apples on my mind. Actually, I now have a drawer full of them and I plan to crunch into one once I finish writing this post…..

Think about good, wholesome, natural food. It fills up my senses when I shop and cook. Right now I’m roasting tomatoes for another soup I’m making. Keep an eye out for the recipe in the coming few weeks. How fabulous wholesome food tastes and makes me feel when I eat it!! That should be motivation enough, shouldn’t it??

Doing activity is something else to feel motivated about. A family member had a medical procedure on his hip this week and is now convalescing. As long as I can put one foot in front of the other, I will walk every day I can. Being well and healthy motivate me to do so. I took a walk on this cold snowy day today and had a sense of accomplishment for doing it.

Yes there are days when my motivation waxes and wanes, but it’s something I work to sustain nonetheless. We shouldn’t necessarily need extrinsic motivators like the subliminal stickers on the apples. But I guess if it helps, it can’t hurt. By the way, the friend who sent me the photo is a super duper healthy gal who will be delivering baby number 2 in a few short weeks (code name Nick). I guess the stickers worked for her, in more ways than one!!

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