Santa Baby…..

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I know Santa. In fact I’ve met him. For many years in a row I got my picture taken with him way back in the 60′s. In the past few years I spotted Santa off season. He works at the Mission Hill’s Winery in Kelowna at the wine tasting station. That’s what his name-tag said anyhow and I’m sure his driver’s licence says the same thing. I also saw him in the summer taking a cruise down the Danube. He thought he was travelling incognito, but I knew differently. His beard gave him away. He ate an awful lot of cookies too. And alas I just saw him in Munich waving and riding a bike, how jolly! This time his costume gave him away. Ho Ho Ho Ho ho

Whatever our age the mystique and mystery of Santa is alluring. He’s even better than Robinhood because he doesn’t steal from anybody. He gives to everybody. I love the symbolism of Santa. That good deed doer. I know there is a good deed doer like Santa who lives in all of us, young and old. The magic is, that it isn’t about the material stuff. It’s about giving of oneself, showing up. It can be little, it can be big. Sometimes it’s the tinniest thing that can make the biggest difference in someone’s day.

Each year, the Sunday before Christmas, elves in my neighbourhood organize a Christmas caravan. Come rain, come snow, come sleet a sleigh cum moving van with volunteers meanders through each and every street playing Christmas carols collecting food, clothes and money for those in need. It warms my heart that I’m lucky enough to live amongst such good deed doers like these. I save stuff up all year long for this day. Ya I wrote about my “Circle of Friends” August 10.

For me, this time of year with Santa around, reminds me to tap into our Santa within. To also remember to keep this good deed doing spirit even after all of the decorations are taken down and stored away. It can be a small deed or a big one. The magic of it is that when you give a little bit, you feel so good it fills you up inside and encourages you to do yet another. It’s contagious. Keep the spirit of Santa within you all year long, even if red isn’t your colour.

A Merry Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

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