A Piece of Peace

December 23rd, 2010 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

A piece of fruitcake.

A piece of jewellery.

A piece of plum pudding.

A piece in the centre of the table.

A piece of trifle.

A piece of technobabble.

A piece of brownie.

A piece of a puzzle. Hmmmmmm

There are a lot of pieces of stuff this time of year – food stuff, material stuff, technological stuff. You name it, it’s out there and at a better price this week than ever. Take a moment to think about your best material stuff. Does it make you happy? Does it bring you joy? Does it make you feel superior than others because you have this special piece in your possession? Do you feel less than when you don’t have your special piece? Oh for the love of stuff – those bits and pieces.

Of all of the gifts I hope for you to receive this Christmas, I hope you get the best piece of all – peace. It is a choice to seek and find peace you know. It’s right there for the taking. You can find peace in special relationship bonds, peace in serene music, peace in quiet moments, peace in your home, peace at your work, peace while you’re driving. If you look hard enough you can find peace. Sometimes it’s not all that apparent, but it’s there. I’ve always loved that line of Glinda The Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz telling Dorothy she had in her possession all along the – missing piece to get her home to Kansas. Peace is like that for all of us. It’s there for the taking, but you have to choose to find it and keep it, nurture it and cherish it. Peace.

With peace brings serenity.

With peace brings answers.

With peace brings joy.

With peace brings sensibility.

With peace brings goodness.

With peace brings what’s right.

Choose peace.

May peace be with you & yours this Christmas, and may God bless.

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