Food Revolution Lovin’ Lasagne

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MmmmMmmm lasagna, talk about a perfect dish. It has all of the food groups and is high on taste. Yes a winner. It’s so versatile if you’re a vegetarian or not, you can cover all of your “nutritional bases” in one heavenly serving.

I suggest you prepare your tomato sauce ahead of time. This was posted on December 8, so that’s what I’m referring to.


batch of tomato sauce (see December 8 post)

1 bag of washed, boiled, strained and chopped spinach

454gm (1 pound) extra lean ground beef (can substitute with sauteed mushrooms or eggplant if you don’t eat meat)

canola oil

5-7 crushed garlic gloves

1 sliced onion

season to taste with salt, pepper and chopped parsley

500mL (2 cups) ricotta cheese

1 package lasagne noodles

parmesan cheese


Prepare your spinach (boil, strain, chop). Meanwhile in a sauce pan add some canola oil and heat to medium, then add your prepared garlic and onion and saute to soften. Then add your ground meat, combining it with the garlic and onion and cook through thoroughly.  Turn your oven temperature to 325 degrees F. Using a deep 9×9 pan spoon a generous amount of tomato sauce to cover the bottom of the pan. Cover that with 2 layers of uncooked  noodles. Cover that with your ground meat mixture and add more tomato sauce. Cover that with lasagne noodles then cover with more sauce, then add ricotta cheese, spread evenly. Repeat the noodle and sauce step again, then add, yes you guessed it, the spinach. Add more sauce, cover with noodles and douce with more sauce then sprinkle with with parmesan cheese to your liking. Put your pan on top of a cookie sheet so the tomato sauce doesn’t bubble all over your clean oven and allow to bake for 30-40 minutes.


When I made this for dinner a few weeks ago my memory bank could hardly recall when I prepared it last. Let me tell you, it was a few too many years, even decades. I did fumble with the noodles and knocked over a vase on my counter in despair – fa la la la la, la la la la. That’s exactly what it did – it fa-la-la’d down and shattered. Ya it was a sentimental bom-binieri from my wedding – ug. I thought the lasagne would be a flop like the vase, but eureka, it was simply delish!! Give it a try. I was out of my lasagne training shape and it was a snap to get back into. It was easy peasy really…

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