Green Piece

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What ever happened to the reputation of greens to make them so loathed by so many? Did the celery take stock with a head of lettuce as the corn on the cob fell on it’s ear?? What’s the dill-io on that? Oh vegetables.

There’s so much goodness in this one food group it’s astounding. For those people who aren’t vegetarians, making peace with your greens and all coloured veggies and fruits for that matter is a good goal to make from this day forward: Thou shalt aim to eat 5-10 per day….ummmmmmmm.

Not only are they chocked full of many important nutrients, they certainly have an important “filling” quality for those of us keeping tabs on our eating. They are satiety’s best friend. There are some times of the month when I feel like I have a hollow leg and can eat a horse. Sound familiar? It’s times like these when I make darn sure I’m working in my 5-10 a day. Compared to other foods and food groups these are generally lower calorie with super high filling power. Depending of course on how they’re prepared.

Eating your quota also helps with your internal plumbing, if you catch my drift. Certain bodily functions slow down when you approach middle age. Tell me about it….Having 5-10 a day are a perfect antidote to this common problem. When “all systems are go”, your tummy is less likely to protrude. So there’s another benefit inherent with meeting this one noble goal.

I find many people try to focus on so many aspects of their diet and get discombobulated with the myriad details. If you start with working on this goal first for a few weeks and keep it up, then add in other diet approaches, you will reach a happy eating place sooner than later. If you’re a newby at eating this food group I suggest you work on trying one new veggie each week or so until you acquaint yourself with a nice variety. And no, ketchup doesn’t count!! Given harvest time is over, working in frozen veggies is fine. These are easy to prepare and have Mother Nature’s goodness locked inside.

Whether you’re doing a full court press with a nightly green salad, having a few veggies as a side dish with spudz or cooking them in the food like chili with tomatoes and kidney beans, I say bravo to you for making peace with your greens. What green piece is making it onto your plate tonight? We’d love to know…….

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