Veggie Might?

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I have talked about the many ways of doing the same thing right about food and nutrition. Becoming a vegetarian is certainly one way of eating that deserves the two thumbs up in spades. There are a lot of ways of becoming vegetarian with it’s own spectrum of norms. The majority are certainly healthful, could be very economical and definitely ethical.

I’ve talked about how the general public routinely misses the mark on getting enough veggies in their diet. Moving into this regimen could park that issue for you altogether. A vast proportion of people on our planet have been vegetarian for centuries so this isn’t some new fangled fad. It is one regimen that is here to stay. If I had a crystal ball it might be THE way to eat well into the future.

If you’re planning on taking the plunge into this diet-stratosphere I suggest you become informed on the details. You don’t want to play dietary Snakes and Ladders by trying to get ahead by making this change, then become deficient in say vitamins B6 and B12 because you didn’t do your homework. The book Becoming Vegetarian by Vesanto Melina will surely put you on the right track and is considered the veggy “bible”. Amen!!

For main stream vegetarianism it’s all about leaving out meat and meat products. Some include fish, some don’t. The lacto-ovo vegetarian includes milk and milk products and eggs. If you’re slipping your big toe into the proverbial “vegetarian pond” for the first time this might be a good way to start. Close attention to getting enough protein and overall balance is paramount, especially if shifting the whole family onto this path.

I say bravo to people who want to make this change for the better. If you find yourself wanting to “move your cheese”, good luck to you on this. And do weigh in on how it’s going. We’d love to know.

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