The Home Plate Strike Out or Home Run

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Are you striking out or hitting a home run at home plate lately??  Think about what you’ve been dishing up for dinner recently. For starters, take a moment to ponder this past week’s dinners, hmmmmmmm. Did your family eat together or were you flying solo? Was it a clutch and grab eating on the run play or was it a sit and enjoy serenity now scenario? Were all of the food groups included in the meal or were some sidelined on the bench??

Evaluate Your Plate

It makes a lot of sense to reflect on what you’re doing. By looking back your can better plan ahead with greater consciousness and care. National intake data indicate that many people’s diets fall short of veggies and milk products on a regular basis for starters. Does this apply to you??

Eating Economics

Some people think it costs a lot of money to eat healthily when in fact it doesn’t really have to. Get in the habit of including seasonal, local produce. Branch out a bit and learn to prepare some simple meals with beans and legumes. You can also trade off serving meat, fish or poultry with having eggs for dinner. These ideas can infuse greater balance in your diet without breaking the bank. Really you can’t afford not to give these ideas a try.

Eating In & Eating Out

Eating outside of the home or ordering in is a more usual dinner play for many families. There are acceptable choices out there, you just need to learn about them. Get your kids to look up some of your favourite dining spots on the internet that have nutritional information about their menu items. You might be astounded when you learn what’s in your usual fair. Consider trying some new cultural cuisine – Thai, Japanese, Indian, Greek, Italian or Mexican for instance. I suggest you steer clear of the new KFC Double Down as a regular choice :-0

Best Intentions Get Fulfilled with Taking the First Step

Many consumers have good intentions to eat well and want to be healthy. Unfortunately, they’ll get to it some time down the road. As the song says Maniana. Well change your tune and commit to begin today, right now, this minute. Health, wellness and feeling great is the best gift you can bestow yourself and your family.

When you’re planning your meals for this week, make your play a grand slam :-)

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