Business Travel Bupkiss – The Longer Trek

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I covered the topic of business travel using the “short trip” scenario on September 14. Now I wanted to cover the longer jaunt. The kind that shakes up your sleeping pattern by changing timezones. With different cultural practices, food, water – you name it everything gets turned on it’s head.

Resolve to Stick to Your Plan

For starters all good intentions begin with a solid plan. Resolve!! This begins at the airport. If you’re a frequent business flyer you may have access to the coveted lounge. Like the expense account food and drink in these places might “be free” but the calories still count. If you haven’t already do so from home, grab an extra piece of fruit for your travel bag because it may take a day or so for you to adjust to the time change. Better you have a banana on hand when your blood sugar plunges rather than be faced with the mini-bar oozing with calorific treats.

De Plane De Plane

Now sitting in economy class doesn’t actually cause too much of an eating dilemma for most. You’d think you were on the set of Honey I Shrunk the Kids with eensy beensy, teeny weeny serving sizes. It’s great practice coming from super size haven of the airport to this. Eat slowly, chew every morsel ’cause there are no second servings. Don’t over do it with the alcohol though to make up for the calories saved with your tiny meal.

If; however, you are sitting in business class, it’s a whole other ballgame of rules when you slip pass the curtain – bottomless drinking glasses, nuts galore. All this and more even before the plane takes off. There’s a lot of temptation that needs to be tempered with a dose of reality if you want to stay ahead of the 8-ball before you reach your destination. The meals are usually very nice and the desserts are divine, but I know first hand there are healthier choices.  So folks, keep your plans in the upright position and steer clear of the molten lava cake. Yes all calories still count at forty thousand feet.

Hospitality Surrounds You – When in Rome…..

….do what the Romans do!! If your business travel takes you to experience different cultures DO partake in the hospitality to a reasonable degree. That’s what life’s about, learning about others ways, foods, customs. It’s so enriching. Master the art of trading off though, written about on May 6. It’s true you can’t always get what you want….and if you do your trousers won’t fit you for the plane ride home.

New Awakenings

People deal with the time change quite differently. What works for me is, as soon as I embark on the plane I change my watch to my next destination’s time and try to get my head around it. If it’s beddy-bye time there, turn out your light and say nite nite and do your best to rest. I see some people on the plane working like bangees. It makes me wonder how they’re going to perform in their meetings with no rest. If you don’t catch some zzzz’s your foreign colleagues will certainly have the upper hand on you when you’re dozing off in tomorrow’s meeting. Not good!!

Like I mentioned it may take your tummy a day or two (or more) to acclimatize to the new time zone. Have some healthy snacks on hand for when your blood sugar plummets. Say “stick em up” to your hunger with the banana you snagged from the lounge. This’ll hold you over now until your next meal.

Checking Out the Place

Provided your situated in a safe location try to take the time to check out your destination with long walks. Ask the front desk where the safe spots are to roam around and go clear your head with a walking tour of sorts. It’s so enriching to experience your destination and take it all in, just in case you don’t have the ability to return. It’s a big world out there, so take some time to discover it.

So there you have it, a few tips and tricks to handle business travel abroad. Do you have any tricks you use and want to share??

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