Just the Facts Ma’am, the Calorie Facts

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A mammoth study was conducted at Washington U looking at exercise and label-reading habits and their impact on weight loss and control. Bidisha Mandel, the associate professor found hands-down that the greatest weight loss success rates were achieved by people who habitually read labels such as the Nutrition Facts Table on food products. Like I’ve said many times, knowledge is power. Bingo, bango, bongo!!

The Nutrition Facts Table is your friend. There are many aspects of it that are useful, but simply starting by routinely looking at serving size and calories per serving is one of the most important good habits you can do for yourself and your family. Start in the comfort of your own home. Pull out any packaged goods you have in your cupboards. Then one by one review the calories per serving for what you have on hand. This is the beginning of you becoming more aware of what’s in your food. Bravo!!

I know we all want to get out of the grocery store lickity split. However, when it’s convenient, do some calorie comparing of the usual products you buy with the competitors. Avoid focusing on the large splashy claims on the front, but the Nutrition Facts Table focusing on the serving size and calories per serving. Bring your reading glasses if you must. It will certainly be a useful exercise.

And no, I don’t think anyone should be counting calories consumed each day. That just sets up a whole nutty obsessive compulsive dynamic we busy gals don’t have the time or patience for.

Dr. Mandel went on to suggest that calorie counts would also be helpful on restaurant menus and vending machines. I say why not?? People might think twice about having a 400 calorie mocca-fappa-what-cha-ma-call-it in the afternoon when a flavoured tea that has no cals would do the trick. The way I look at it is that it takes 1 mile of walking to burn up 100 calories and I don’t value those drinks THAT much to waste all of those blessed calories in one go. At age 49 and counting, I keep a watchful eye on the details and have treats now and then, but no mindless munching or guzzling. It’ll add another ring around the proverbial trunk. No thanks!!

So, stick to the facts ma’am, the calorie facts on the Nutrition Facts Table and you’ll be well on your way to being wiser for the wear!!

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