More Soup Sassy – Nan’s Acini di Pepe Soup

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Ahhh soup glorious soup. One fine dish that Oliver wouldn’t mind asking “please sir, could I have some more”, just like the first sentence uttered from my grown nephew Surf “more soup Sassy”!! Studies show that including soup at meals is an effective diet strategy. Not only does it taste terrific, but eating it helps you begin feeling full sooner.

At this time of year when it’s cooler outside, soup is great with a meal or doubles AS a meal. I make a large batch and freeze some for a later date. When I do that I mash the carrots with a fork because once defrosted their texture changes a smidgen and they taste better that way.




beef brisket

3-5 washed, peeled carrots

4-5 washed, trimmed celery sticks

2-3 peeled, whole cooking onions

1-2 beef bouillon cubes

1 796mL (28oz) can stewed tomatoes, crushed

1 bag washed, boiled, drained, chopped spinach

cooked to al dente, acini de pepe noodles (polka dot noodles)


I use a big honkin’ pot to make my soup. Like I say, why not make a bigger batch and freeze some while you’re making mess. My soup pot is 10 inches (25cm) in diameter (across) and 7 inches (18cm) high. Ok, so in this pot I sprinkle salt at the bottom, plunk in a piece or 2 of beef brisket and fill the pot with water, to about 4 inches from the top. Now put it on your element on high and bring in to a roaring boil.

In the meantime prepare all of your vegetables (carrots, celery and onions). When the pot is boiling vigorously remove the foam off the top until there is no more left. This may take some time, but make sure you do it.

Add in your prepped veggies gingerly (not spinach yet!), plus your bouillon. If your fluid level is too high, you may need to pour some water out. Allow to boil for 1-2 hours.

In another large pot prepare the spinach and put it in the fridge until the soup’s done. You may also prepare your noodles and put them in the fridge as well.

Once the soup is finished simmering, turn off the element and remove the meat, bones and veggies and allow to cool.

When cooled cut your carrots into coins and slice the cooked onion and add back to the pot. Remove the meat from brisket bone in small pieces and add that back to the pot. Discard the celery because it’s too stringy. Add in the crushed tomatoes, chopped spinach and noodles to the pot and stir. Mmmmmm isn’t that a site to behold??

Talk about food for the gods!! It’s ready to serve when you are ready to eat!!

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