The Caveman Diet – Yabba Dabba DON’T!!

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Ahhhh yes, yet another diet craze is upon us folks. One that Fred Flintstone might endorse. It’s the caveman diet. What’s to like – meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts. It’s devoid 2 of the 4 food groups leaving out grains and dairy products. Although it endorses purely naturally nutrient rich foods which is great, it’s definitely missing the mark on overall balance.

I don’t know though, any new-fangled regimen needs to be brought out of the dark ages and into the year 2010. Let’s keep it real now, shall we. I haven’t seen any turkey legs in the vending machines at my work, have you?? I don’t think that beef jerkey can sub in as a replacement. In general, I’m a big believer that every diet needs to pass the “Thanksgiving Dinner” test. If all that is served at this traditional, lavish meal is a no no to any plan then for me it fails right out of the gate.

If you’re really going to get to your inner caveman, hmm-mmmm cave-person, you also need to embrace the exercise side of the equation to a greater degree. After all, after surviving the hunt you need to haul that Wilda-beast back to your cave, right? Fred and Barney didn’t have an SUV to haul home the groceries. Yet they did propel their vehicles with their feet, remember?? Oy the calluses. They say this regimen improves your athletic performance and more. I think any plan that you focus on eating less processed food will have the same benefits, no?? If you add balance to that your benefits will probably be even better.

Now let’s remember why you want to embark on a new regimen to begin with. I’d guess to feel and become healthier, to lower your risk factor risks, perhaps to lose weight. Keep in mind though the rugged caveman’s life expectancy was oh 25 years, maybe old age was 40′ish. I don’t know about you but I’m considered ancient to our late brethren the cave-people. Hmmmm, so I’m thinking my current balanced plan is working for me just fine. How about your plan??

So my conclusion still stands on this regimen – yabba dabba don’t!!

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