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As Stephan Covey says “Start as you mean to finish”. It’s always good to have a pearl of wisdom inspire you through any difficult circumstance. This one applies to many aspects of life. Here is some food for thought, though to get you through eating challenges when you want to cave to tempation. Don’t cave, be brave!!

“Just for today” mindset – some people get psyched out when they think too far ahead – food, goals, situations, challenges, holidays. Keep your focus on today, this very moment. Then every day forward will look after itself. (see post June 14)

Ate too much yesterday?? Think you’ll cut back today and begin by skipping breakfast – Uh, uh huh. Think again!! Start off right by HAVING a balanced breakfast. And do yourself a favor – up the ante on exercise for a few days. Look forward and don’t commiserate on the past.

Hunger and satiety – How often do we eat and overshoot satiety to the point of feeling like you’re going to burst?? Everyday be aware of hunger and satiety and work on a better balance between the two.

Lead or follow?? Do you fall victim to your friends and colleagues eating jags?? Think you’ll fit in better by noshing on Janey’s jube-jubes? THINK AGAIN. Lead don’t follow. Soon they’ll be sipping mineral water with lime at their desk, just like you.

Concerned about holiday eating? Well, get up and go – up the ante on your exercise and plan your eating a tad more carefully. Focus on your favorite fitted outfits and all of a sudden the plum pudding with béchamel sauce doesn’t seem quite as enticing.

Skip, skip, skip – rope but not meals! The worst thing you can do to bung up an eating routine and metabolism is skip meals. You’re body will combat by lowering your internal thermostat sending you 10 steps back, like a bad game of Snakes and Ladders.

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