Let’s Start a Movement Movement

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One of the key cornerstones of successful losers is doing regular exercise. Call it what you want to – activity, exercise, moving more or being homo erectus, getting up off the couch and moving around is so good for so many reasons. I’m not suggesting doing the hokey-pokey and moving all about, but if it turns your crank, then do it!!

This aspect of your lifestyle, is about as newsworthy as hearing that Ricky Martin came out of the closet. Somehow we all knew!! You’re probably getting tired of me talking about finding a 15 minute interval at a time to burn a few extra calories. This link has a listing of a number of activities with calorie usage to use in your artillery of strategies for weight management:


What’s great about adding these little nuggets into your day is they add up on the “calorie usage” side of your energy equation. We’ve all heard that to maintain weight we burn as many calories as we take it. If we want to lose weight slowly we need to burn more energy (calories) than we take in. It’s that simple. It’s a perfect time of year to work this in to your daily routine as the lovely weather is approaching.

Many people feel inertia with getting started exercising. They harbour memories of the old days of gym class wearing funky uniforms playing dodge ball, scaling up ropes and scampering around the school track. It doesn’t have to be that anymore – out, out, bad memory!!

What’s so great about getting moving??

  • You burn a few extra calories – turn up your internal furnace
  • You get yourself occupied and busy
  • You eliminate boredom which sometimes plagues the senses with a want to eat when you’re not even hungry
  • You can better process a problem or idea which is a constructive use of your time
  • For many activities you don’t need to dress the part, so people don’t even need to know that this is part of your regimen
  • You get energized, believe it or not!
  • You sleep better

Well, a stroll here, a saunter there, walking a floor or two of stairs in place of taking the elevator – every little bit adds up. You don’t need to sign up to a class, buy an exercise tight or special shoe…that is if you don’t want to. Being a discreet exerciser is a perfect way to balance all of your efforts to feel better and be better. Give it a try, all you have to do is take the first step.

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