Monkey Business – Taking the Lead on A Healthy Workplace

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I wanted to focus on health and wellness in the workplace with a new series theme “Monkey Business”. When you think about it, we adults spend many of our waking hours at work making a living. Wouldn’t it be great if work “heads of state” considered workplace policies that promote health and wellness in the workplace?

What kind of ship are you working in anyhow?? Is it one that supports the health and well being of you and your fellow workers, or is the culture one that drives everybody into the ground? Think about it. I wonder what the company stats look like in the “sick-days” department? How about medical support and rehab? You know what I’m getting at, right?? Is your company paying more trying to “mend the staff” rather than prevent problems to begin with?? Prevention and support are an investment AND the company reaps many rewards.

Now, I know your work is not running a staff baby-sitting service. Nor at the end of the day does everyone join hands and sing Kumbaya. But give the notion of health prevention in the workplace as a staff benefit some thought…..Hmmmmm

Whether you’re the boss or a wanna-be you can make a difference for you and your co-workers by mounting a campaign to integrate health and wellness into the workplace policies. It’s a win-win situation really, because a healthy employee who is nurtured will be a productive one, right??

Everyone know’s the super keener who’s trying to work day and night to get ahead. Well, your super keener will be more productive by ensuring they take Off-the-Duff breaks for instance and are encouraged to take a short walk in the day to decompress. I can hear the gasps of all of the insecure bosses whose ball-and-chain don’t extend that far. Let it go people and think big. How about giving your prized possessions some brain food instead of drain food?? Is your work kitchenette a minefield of ghastly junk that might taste good but get bad results in the thinking department.

It’s 2011 and the old adage doesn’t hold true any more “it takes a licking, but it keeps on ticking”. Do business schools consider health and wellness of staff as a necessary course and part of a business’ balanced score card? Be progressive and put it on YOUR agenda. After all, employees are the company’s greatest resource, so look after them. Their productive ways will in-turn look after you…… in spades my friend.

I’ll be covering various aspects of this topic over the coming weeks. Do weigh in with ideas and experiences so we can all learn from each other.

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