Monkey Business – Caffeine Crescendo

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Ok what gives everybody? We’re surrounded!! It seems that every corner, every drive through, every break-time, every kitchenette, every vending machine includes something with caffeine in it. What are we having a competition on this, or what??
Be Aware
Don’t get me wrong I’m a coffee lover. I need my double espresso jolt in the morning to bring my blood pressure above where I won’t faint upon standing. Then I’m done for the day. I used to drink a lot more coffee and realized my heart palpitations and sleepless nights were caused by “oh, just one more cup” by being social. Don’t be like me and wait for your ticker to tell you to ease up. Do try it before.
Take Stock
Take stock about when you’re getting your caffeine fixes – coffee, tea, colas, even chocolate. Make yourself an upper limit, say 2 servings/day then put a lid on it, don’t you think?? The nice thing about this habit is that there are oh so many caffeine free alternatives you can replace your bevy’s with. If you caffeine mix to the max, cut back slowly. Caffeine is a drug after all and you can experience withdrawal symptoms if you try the “cold turkey” approach and change too quickly.
What’s In It?
While you’re taking stock on this take a read of some of the ingredient lists of some of the bevy’s your guzzling. I don’t know about you but if I heard that a nail can disintegrate when plunked into a certain cola drink I’d think twice about belting that back pretty quick. Rather I’d be saying “whoooo horsey” to ease up. I’m just sayin……

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