You Fill Up My Senses – Falling into Autumn

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I was doing my “mat routine” yesterday and John Denver’s ballad You Fill Up My Senses played on i-Tunes. That song itself fills up my senses. It got me thinking about the wonders of autumn. What’s not to love. Ya I know one season more and winter will be upon us, but let’s stay in the moment folks and get filled up with this new season’s wonders.

Taking my morning walks seems to change daily with the transitioning colours of the fall leaves. Each one painted by Mother Nature herself. The yellows, oranges, reds, magentas, so many lovely lipstick colours it’s simply staggering!! I actually love when the temperatures dip a bit from the summer’s sweltering heat. Nothing like adorning some of my favourite jeans, cords or velvets I haven’t worn in quite some time with a cable knit sweater. Not to mention some fab boots. How cozy and delightful, I just love it!!

I also love transitioning meals to a heartier fare – you know pasta sauces, chili-con-carne, roasted chicken and soups. Head to a fall fair or market near you to capture the height of the harvest. I’ll be posting some of my favourite fall recipes in the Food Revolution Recipe category. I look forward to making some soup together. Yes, “more soup Sassy”!! Incorporating soup into meals is a well documented diet strategy you know. So having heartier meals doesn’t mean you need to bulk up this time of year like the squirrels and polar bears do.

Even though the days are becoming shorter, doesn’t mean you need to become less active. There are still 24 hours in each day people. I like to change up my activity routine infusing it with greater vigilance – my mat routine 3-5 days/week (described in my post in April 28), my walking routine and back to my stair-master and cross country ski machines. Just 10 minutes on each 3-5 times/week helps get rid of the jello that’s accumulated on my thighs and the flab under my bra strap.

So folks, get a new book to snuggle up by the fire with and stay in the moment, because the dawning of fall is a delight for all of our senses.

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