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Everybody’s got a story, don’t they?? Our successful weight losers do too. I divulged some of these on August 9th and thought why not share a few more. As you know I have a weekly post on the results from a survey completed with these women from the first week in July. You can access them all by clicking on the category “Successful Loser Logic”. This is a perfect time of year to regroup and refocus our eating and activity goals. Hearing stories from others can help us light the fire of determination within:
  • Slow and steady wins the race. I lost 0.5-2 lbs/week and the trick was eating the right combination of foods. To everyone’s shock, the more food I ate the more I lost. It worked.
  • I gained approx. 45 pounds over 8 years after going away to school and living on my own. When my wedding rings didn’t fit I joined Weight Watchers and immediately began losing weight in a healthy way. I started to exercise regularly right away too and tried to choose more healthy foods. I always allowed myself to have anything I wanted but in moderation and only if it really tasted good. I lost 45 pounds in 9 months and have kept it off for 1.5 years.
  • I had low self-esteem and walked with my head down most often. I was afraid to join committees. I feel I owe some of my success to my weight loss. Gave me the courage to try new things.
  • I got rid of non-exercise track suits, elastic waist skirts/pants and stretchy jeans. I wear my jeans/shorts every week. They are a great indicator that I might have over-eaten during the week since the first place I notice extra weight is around my stomach. My jeans don’t shrink!!!
  • I lost a total of 55 pounds, it felt great to do but it didn’t feel a comfortable weight for me. I gained about 5-10 pounds back which feels great and is easy to maintain when following the eating pattern developed. My weight in numbers doesn’t matter to me – what matters is how I feel about myself and how I feel I look.
  • Journal your food, exercise, drink lots of water and enjoy how you look now and don’t focus on the 20lbs you have to lose…just focus on the first 5…
  • Feeling better about myself, feeling in good health, being able to walk in high heels……but the most important feeling was when I reached my 25 pounds loss…I really felt like a winner which helped me continue until i reached the 65 pound mark which I am able to maintain. Love yourself and love everyone around you….it will help the way you deal with your weight and will help with metabolism to help to its maximum. NEVER GO HUNGRY!!!!!! Eat!!! But eat smart! Good luck to all.
Do you have a weight loss success story you’re willing to share?? We’d like to know…..

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