Protein Power for Optimal Repair

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I’ve been mulling over the power of protein recently. Since dancing from 10pm ’til past midnight at the family wedding recently in too-high blue swede shoes, the magic of protein for muscle repair has been on my mind. I must say that my older sisters out lasted me after I hit the wall. Bravo!! Funny, after I decided to stop and my party-hearty was over I’ve tried to catch up on sleep and follow my eating instincts for optimal bodily repair. What was my craving of choice?? Well, two things really – eggs and milk.

Talk about two nearly perfect foods. Both incredibly naturally nutrient rich. Both pretty much win the prize. Take the egg for example. It’s a food loved by people of all ages from toddlers to elders and everyone in-between. Easy to prepare. So versatile. So diverse. And SOOOO economical, fitting everyone’s budget. I posted a recipe on June 15 as an example.

And milk in all of it’s diverse and yummy forms – to drink (as milk or smoothie) or to eat (as yoghurt, cottage cheese, pudding, low fat sour cream) and so much more. I did a post on dairy May 24 so that’ll give you more scoop on this nearly perfect food.

The other thing I love about all protein food is their ability to satisfy hunger for a generous duration of time. That nutty carb craze we all went through years ago just sent us into eating overdrive. Although the craze was to consume “low fat”, every hour or so we’d feel hungry again because carbs don’t level off your blood sugar for the long haul like protein does.

What did we learn during that era?? We learned we need balance and we need all macronutrients in proper proportion – protein, fat and carbs.

Yes, my feet and muscles are feeling much better now that I am no longer the dancing machine extraordinaire. I would have made Dick Clark of American Bandstand proud…..maybe!! And my nieces and nephews, well probably not!! DJ Rouge is certainly a devil for sustaining such a fab beat ’til the wee hours of the night :-)

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