Who Invited Hurricane Earl?

September 5th, 2010 No Comments Tags: , ,

Yes-sir-ree folks, remnants of Hurricane Earl blew in to my nephew and new niece’s wedding day. Yes it felt like 95 degrees in the shade one day and well 66 degrees in the sun the next. I don’t think he was invited though. Oh well. You know all the mega-planning that goes into these important events from dresses, seating plans, speeches, meals, music, hair-doo’s to setting the chairs for the ceremony OUTSIDE….you get the drift. When Earl’s winds and rain blew into town it turned all the hair-do’s into hair-don’ts real fast!!

I love how Mother Nature has a powerful way of teaching us lessons about what’s important. Sure it would have been perfect to be wed outside down by the point at the water with sunlight piercing through the leaves while shimmering off the water. A loon making their characteristic sound all the while. It reminded us that everything important WAS perfect already, despite Earl hurling in. The important stuff.

Me and Indy had our anniversary last week. As usual when we went out for dinner to celebrate. We reminisced about our special day. So Indy confided that well he really didn’t remember many (dare I say any) details about our wedding day. Hmmm really, well to tell you the truth after 24 years I can remember some things but many details are pretty much a blurrrrrr.

What’s important is all the stuff afterward that the Bride and Groom magazines don’t write about. You know the “for better or for worse” kind of stuff; like dealing with socks on the floor, an unexpected bill, job changes, a growing family, the ebb and flow of life that make a relationship grow and strengthen.

As far as the “ship” goes in “relationship” I know one thing for sure – Nature Girl and Surf’s sailed through the winds and rain of Earl and it will sail through just about anything I expect. Their ship is built tough.

Thanks Mother Nature for reminding us about what’s important. And it’s you and me that is, not the stuff we wrap our lives around in. It was an amazing day and weekend that I know we’ll remember for decades to come.

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