Break it Down, Work it Out

March 23rd, 2010 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Feel like you don’t have time for exercise? Think again!! You don’t have time NOT to exercise. Break it down into 15 minute intervals and work in at least 3 intervals in your day.

Do you compartmentalize parts of your day? If time runs away with you, which is common, is your exercise time the first to go?? Be flexible – with your time as well as your body!! Two 15 minute intervals of doing something is better than a scheduled 60 minutes of spin class that you paid for AND can’t make.

We often think of the benefits of exercise on the body. But exercise is like a treadmill for the mind too. Are you stuck in a rut at work and processing a problem?? Take it to the street my friend. Chances are as you will work it out double duty when exercising the mind AND body. Your spirit will sparkle as well.

Is business travel in your future?? Get yourself booked into a hotel with a gym, pool or a location conducive to walking. Chances are you’ll be the most productive member at the meeting!!

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