New Age Prevention Apprehension

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I am all for prevention. In fact, it should probably be my middle name. In school I took many science, health and nutrition courses, one of which was community health and nutrition. It was all about building healthier communities…the old fashioned way. I preach about many lifestyle factors helping get your RealAge as young as possible and to be as healthy as possible. I don’t know perhaps there’s an “old fashioned prevention” and a “new age” one and well, I’m from the old school where we aim to influence others to establish good health behaviours.

A few days ago, I read about a British scientist who suggested that cholesterol lowering drugs be given out with fast food orders to offset the negative heart risks. Oh boy Einstein!! You’ve heard of the saying “they’re so smart that they’re stupid”. Well that old adage applies in this case it would seem. On July 22 I wrote a post on my disagreement with using an anti-obesity drug. I stand by that, to today. When I thought this world couldn’t get any dumber, this gets proclaimed. Good grief…..

This is simply ridiculous. Fast forward to today and we live in a society with multiple epidemics. Obesity and diabetes come to mind. Take a closer look at what has been cut in schools – physical education and home economics. The art of cooking has sunk to the depths where taking out your can opener and heating up some Chunky Soup is regular weekday din-din for some. Oh and we’ve already heard about salt in the diet reaching levels so high even governments are taking notice. Why not dole out blood pressure tabs as well?

I can just see it – Colonel Sanders offering side orders of creamy coleslaw, macaroni salad and Lipitor – “I’ll have 2 sides with my bucket of chicken and one will be the easy to swallow Lipotor“. Ah yes, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention we’d find the same thing in the kiddies Happy Meal. Along with the Shrek toy you get a chewable tablet for the youngins.  Tell me, am I old fashioned or is this really turning into a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World folks? Come on, break it to me, I can take it. If this suggestion comes from the intelligentsia in our world what will they dream up next?

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