Eat, Pray, Love then Have a Good Cry

August 18th, 2010 No Comments Tags: , ,

Yes, my family’s putting on the sequel to the movie. Remember, my benchmark nephew is getting married in a few short weeks. We’ll be eating, praying, loving and crying, perhaps not in that order though!!

I was feeling off this morning. You know that niggling feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on. During my daily walk I did some soul searching to try to figure it out. I feel almost numb. Last night we connected with my sister and brother-in-law who admitted to having feelings begin bubbling up all of a sudden. Well hubby-boy who has the wisdom of Yoda said “let the feelings floooooowwwww”. Well I do believe they are. You know I’m Italian right? When it starts to flow it’ll be more like the gushing of Mount Vesuvius combined with the force of Niagara Falls. I guess I second that emotion!!

Where has the time gone anyhow?? It seems like only yesterday I was peering in the nursery while baby Cricker’s melon head and body were wrapped cozily in the incubator. He got passed around, squeezed, hugged and kissed more than any 10 new babies I know. The first sentence he uttered was “more soup Sassy” and he cracked us up with the opening line of his first speech “I’ll have my martini shaken not stirred”. He earned the title “Resort Ambassador” for one summer job. Ya, that’s the little munchkin in the photo. He was my ring-boy 24 years ago when I got married. Now this. Oh what joy…..Oy, my bridesmaid dresses doubled, well for a Halloween costume…. I digress.

We celebrated this past Sunday, this time at my new niece’s bridal shower. It was heart warming to meet more of her relatives and friends. How welcoming!! Her Nana, a soft spoken Irish lassie is as innocent and pure as early morning dew in the Swiss Alps. Accent and all. I know I’ll be wearing a bonnie green outfit next St. Patrick’s day to celebrate with my new extended family.

You know a lot has been criticized about “this generation” though. However, with the union of these 2 lovebirds our future will be bright. Trust me. They are carrying on strong family values – love, respect, hard work, plus have a new level of social consciousness that’s impressive. Not your average couple, that’s for sure. They are leaders as individuals and will be titans as man and wife…. how about woman and husband…..

Let the countdown to the big day continue. Bring it on. The family tree is budding a new branch as we speak. Bring on the food, bring on the songs, bring on the affection and for goodness sake let’s all just let the feelings floooooowwwww.

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