Food Revolution “You Complete Me” Pasta Salad

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I think the humidity has infiltrated my memory bank. What memory bank??!! I forgot about making this super easy-peasy pasta salad. Hubby boy asked me to prepare this for his staff luncheon. It’s really a snap to make and tastes oh so yummy.


1-  500gm (1 pound) bag three colored rotini (spiral) or penne pasta boiled ’til done then strained

1 – 540mL (28gm) can drained and rinsed chic peas

1 – 200mL (12oz) jar drained and rinsed quartered marinated artichokes

1 – 200mL (12oz) can drained and rinsed pitted and sliced black olives

1 bunch cleaned boiled and cut in thirds green asparagus spears

1 small bag mini carrots boiled and cut in half

Chopped green and Spanish onion (to taste)

1 piece feta cheese crumbled

1 small bottle of salad dressing (oil & vinegar based)

Optional (in place of the feta cheese)

1 tin of deboned tuna or deboned salmon OR

Few hard boiled eggs chopped OR

Shredded cheese (any kind, to your liking) OR

Cooked cubed beef OR chicken OR pork OR

Any combination of the above

Instructions & Commentary

Once each ingredient is prepared add it to your salad bowl. Once everything has been added gently stir, combining all of the lovely ingredients – yummy-yum-ba!!

I like to make this a day in advance in order to up the coalescing factor of the ingredients and to rid myself of the mess the day I’m planning to serve it. Truly, you can sub in any other veggie or protein of your choice (i.e. whatever needs to be used in your refrigerator, perhaps?!). Just make sure you use all of the colors of the rainbow. A true taste explosion. This can be used as a meal accompaniment or as the meal by itself. Yes, a nearly perfect food!! Like Mini-Me moaned to Dr. Evil “You complete me!!” but this is truly better :-)

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