Dressing for Dieting Success

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You look maaarvelous darling!! Why is it when we look good we feel good, when we feel good we “act” good and simply put we ARE good?? Cara and I did a survey of women who lost weight successfully (aka “successful losers”). This is what some of our respondents said about how they approach getting dressed:

  • “On days where I am having a hard time I try to look better to inspire myself”
  • “If I dress a bit nicer and put more effort into my appearance, I feel better about myself, which in turn helps me to stick with my workout and diet routine.”
  • “When I look good I think twice about stuffing myself.”
  • “When I feel good about myself I take extra care of what I eat. It’s a positive cycle!”

So how difficult is it to do this day after day??

  • Eating from the inside out – you eat better when you feel better about yourself, period
  • Dressing for zest – focus in on your everyday clothes and colours that make you look and feel your best
  • Hair apparent – if looking in the mirror makes you think of Halloween get thee to the salon!
  • Know your assets – accentuate the positive, just like the song says
  • Get real and stay real – 50 is the new 50 period, deal with it. Dress your age.
  • Dressing on all cylinders – take a few extra minutes each evening to decide what to wear tomorrow. This will help you jump start your day and feel your best from the outset.

There are useful books and television shows on this topic to assist you on this quest. There is even a web-site called www.GoTryItOn.com where you can post a picture of yourself in an outfit and surfers on that site will give you an opinion. It really is worth the effort and it doesn’t have to take loads of time. Isn’t it better to wear the one outfit everyday that makes you feel wonderful rather than a whole closet full of clothes that make you feel like a frump? You decide.

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