Tuning in On Tuning Out – Stimulus, No-Response

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With all the talk about reaching a higher level of consciousness I wonder if we can ever achieve this when people tune out with the many electronic devices available now – music, phones…. Don’t get me wrong we all need a sweet escape from our daily grind to regroup, but does everyone on this planet put earplugs in with music 24/7? It’s getting a little nuts, don’t you think?

It’s cuckoo to the point where people’ll walk into traffic being so zoned out. I think Apple should create a safety app to put people using these devices in a different worldly dimension to go with their checked-out state. That’ll keep them out of harms way!  My biggest pet peeve with these is seeing someone pushing a baby carriage with earphones on – “Hello McFly”!! You don’t need to be Mother Hubbard to know the pusher of the carriage needs to be tuned in with the bundle of joy in the carriage. They might need to start putting warnings on the handle “Avoid pushing while listening to music. PAY ATTENTION for goodness sake!!”

Funny, when I reminisce back to the 70′s, my sister and I had the first prototype of these. (Ok, so I’m a bit of a hypocrite.) Her and I used to get up religiously at the crack of dawn and jog the same route in opposite directions and meet half way. Well, I was much slower so it wasn’t quite half way, so let’s not split hairs…. Anyways these big clunky headphones allowed you to listen to the radio. It was never quite on the station, so sounded very lispy and sometimes changed channels when you turned the corner. I think we still have calluses on our ears from these big honkin’ things.

They do; however, come in handy when flying. You know the drill, you’re travelling on business alone and get stuck beside Chatty-Cathy. You know this person??!! I have made the mistake for the last time to openly admit I’m a dietitian under these circumstances. I end up doing a long assessment for the duration of the flight. “….well, I have been experiencing diarrhea…..I ponder ” Hmmm my assessment on that is your verbal diarrhea has trickled down from your mouth to your colon…. ” Now when I travel my code occupation is “Funeral Director” (wink, wink) if I don’t have earplugs with me.

Like everything else we need to find a balance yet again on where to draw the line on this. On April 22 my post was on this theme. If you find a sacred release when playing Plants versus Zombies or Doodle Jump on your i-Phone that’s your business. If people in your household are now non-communicato with each other at the dinner table, in the car and too many places in between you might want to unplug to reconnect. I’m just sayin’……

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