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It’s the height of summertime which often equates to vacation time or holiday mentality when it comes to eating, drinking, activity and well, being merry. Continuing on the “successful weight loser” theme written about July 6 and 12, I felt it timely to include this theme.

As I mentioned last week my good friend and colleague Cara Rosenbloom and I conducted a survey on successful weight losers a few years ago. These women spilled a lot of beans on this (and many other) topic(s) on how they approach vacationing. Here are some of their pearls of wisdom to vacation by.

On Eating, Moderation & Balancing:

  • Plan ahead and have some of the things you love but don’t overindulge.
  • I never go to an eating occasion hungry.
  • Lose the “all or nothing” mentality that comes with vacation eating/drinking “amnesia”.
  • I make sure I have healthy snacks on hand.
  • Balance what you eat. My tip… before you go to those meals…the edge is off your appetite so you have less tendency to overeat.
  • I eat what I want, but small portions and in moderation; if I overeat I exercise longer the next day.
  • Maintain food limits 80% of the time and enjoy drinks or desserts 20% of the time.

On Activity and Exercise:

  • Keep exercising, even on vacation. If you overindulge one day, eat better the next few days to compensate.
  • On holidays I’m usually more physically active because I’m out of the office.
  • Exercise first thing in the morning every day.
  • Exchange my regular routine with other things like walking on beach, stretching and spot exercises.
  • I actually like working out when I’m away. It’s a new gym or a new place to run. And I feel extra-proud of myself for having done it! Still, I’ll eat everything (in moderation), because… it’s a VACATION!

These women appear to have their routines down pat where balance and moderation are keys to success. They don’t “fall off the wagon” by any means but partake in the holiday eating while continuing activity to offset the intake. Very wise words to follow, don’t you think??

There are 3 other posts on this topic – May 17 & 18 and June 13 to help you with strategies to get equipped for managing your weight while away and returning home. Don’t let your diet dictate your vacation plans too any extreme. We live in a wonderful world so get out there experience it and enjoy it to the max!!

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