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Well today marks my 100th blog post. Ok I’m exaggerating…it runs in the family!! My friend Cara wrote 1 of the posts on April 22. Who knew I had so much to say! I will admit that family members have been much kinder after launching T & T. Actually I told them “everything you say and do CAN and WILL be used against you”….things have been looking up….truly :-)

I came up with this idea last summer before seeing Julie & Julia. As I mentioned in my post on Kirstie Alley July 5th, seeing her yo-yo weight situation got me all fired up to get this concept off the ground, for she is not alone. Also, the lost art of food preparation and cooking became obvious to me last summer (which I’ll explain in tomorrow’s post) so this is why I include information on the ease of making food. I’m clearly not a chef.

One thing that this new routine does for me is keeps me in the present moment. Music to Erchart Tolle’s ears!! I continually search for new topics to write about and I search my soul more now than ever and I feel more in touch. Some days though, my soul just needs a holiday from all of the searching…. I find I read and listen more intently. I even find myself giggling in the middle of the night when a funny idea comes to mind. Hubby boy understands me and just rolls over and grunts.

Hats off to you my loyal Thick and Thin Blog readers and trusty commenter’s who weigh in on topics you feel passionate about. If you’re too shy to comment give yourself alias and join in on the dialogue. I need more ammo to get me through the next 100 posts so please weigh in on topics you wish to read about, or anything really. Do pass this link on to your friends and colleagues who can relate because we’re all in this together, aren’t we? Through Thick and Thin.

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